Holy Shit… Divine excretion ?

Posted by yihzy on Feb 11th, 2008
Feb 11

When i was browsing for a friend’s place today on the malsing v2.2 map, I saw this.


Found this place called “Holy Shit” which probably is an Oxidation pond.

It’s coordinate : N3 07.000 E101 46.147.

Here’s the same place on google earth, and confirmed it’s a place containing “shit”. Hehe!!

Some other funny stuff on google earth , online defamation :


GPS Adventure

Posted by yihzy on Feb 10th, 2008
Feb 10

After months of pondering and researching on the net, I’ve decided to take a plunge into the gps world by getting a gps receiver. Well my plan was to use the least amount of money to get maximum amount of fun. total cost, rm 2++ for the GPS receiver, the PDA was bought 2nd hand long time ago and the software and maps are freely available from the good old internet

Here’s the picture of the receiver, Holux M-1000 bluetooth gps receiver. It has one single ON/OFF button on it, to use is very simple, just turn the receiver on and place it under a open sky area and let it search for the gps signal. It’ll automatically lock on to the available orbiting satellite normally under a minute or so. The GPS receiver can then be paired with the Windows Mobile (WM) PDA. My PDA, IPAQ 4150 is running on WM2003 and using a broadcomm bluetooth. some info on the holux m-1000 :

que midvalley

que startup holux m-1000

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