Funny bicycle that mimics motorcycle

Posted by yihzy on Jul 6th, 2008
Jul 6

Found this funny photo on flickr by Guillotine Man

funny bike

Photomalaysia suspended ?

Posted by yihzy on May 11th, 2008
May 11

photomalaysia suspended

Hmm.. as of now 8:28am 11/05/2008 the account seems to be suspended. Wonder why?

updates : It seems that there was an emergency maintenance around midnight of Saturday to early morning Monday (10th ~ 12th May 2008 ).

Now it’s back to normal again.

My Lousy picture featured in Thumbnails on The Star

Posted by yihzy on Oct 18th, 2007
Oct 18

Taken on a rainy evening on the turning into Tmn Desa from Seremban Highway. The whole road was jammed and some drivers thought the road ahead was flooded so they tried to detour by making a U-turn. A few cars and a lorry got stucked on the divider on the road and need assistance to get their car type off the mud.

lorry stuck in mud

Weird and funny video online

Posted by yihzy on Oct 15th, 2007
Oct 15

A program about ghost on NTV7 some time ago

A Real Life Ghost Encounter Turns Nasty !The top video clips of the week are here

Girl fighting in front of times square

Two Malaysian ChicksWatch a funny movie here

*Note all video not taken by me, just happened to stumble upon it online

Testing banner

Posted by yihzy on Jun 14th, 2007
Jun 14

my first jpg banner, hope it goes well.

Click it if you see it!

Technorati spiders track this please

Posted by yihzy on May 28th, 2007
May 28

Poor Cow

Posted by yihzy on Nov 7th, 2006
Nov 7

Just saw this funny thread in, the title is “What is worse than getting soaked in the rain?”

click here to see

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