Google Sketchup

Posted by yihzy on Oct 21st, 2006
Oct 21

Recently discovered this cool 3D software from google for you to perform simple CAD drawings. It’s very intuitive and very simple to use, just click drag, pull and voila your 3D model is created. Google even has a database for you to upload and download your creation / models to be shared by other similar users. Below is a sample drawing using the sketchup software.
Auto Siphon Design

Sketcup uses OpenGL, and offer a few viewing format and texture shading. This software comes in two version, one free and the other a pro version. It even allows you to intergrate software into google earth. You can download this software here or learn more about it in suWiki

adsense deluxe plugin is finally working

Posted by yihzy on Aug 2nd, 2006
Aug 2

yeah!!! Finally got the Adsense deluxe 0.8 plugin for WordPress to work, the most stupid part i did for the plugin was that i installed the plugin into it’s own directory instead of the main directory of the plugin.

the user just need to copy the “adsense-deluxe.php” file into the main directory of the plugin folder. Remember DO NOT try installing it by creating it’s own directory inside the plugin folder, it won’t work. the plugin is really easy to use and it’s integrated into the wordpress editor page.

the ad banner below is a fine example that Adsense is working

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