New PC

Posted by yihzy on Sep 19th, 2006
Sep 19

After my final+ attempt to revive my old pc failed (BIOS has been corrupted), I’ve bought a new PC on the 1st of September. The new PC specs are as follow

AMD x64 X2 3600+
Asus M2NPV-VM – Nforce 6150 Chipset with onboard 430 GPU
Seagate 160GB HDD SATA
2 x 512MB Kingston DDR2 667Mhz Value RAM
Generic brand Power supply (labelled as 500W peak power) and casing

some of the photos of my pc.
pc casing

motherboard box   power supply

My complains about the asus motherboard,
1. no heatsink on 430 GPU chipset. The chipset is quite hot during graphic intensive application and yet asus does not install a heatsink on it. probably to save cost and the heatsink might be blocking graphic cards on the PCI-E slot.
430 chipset

2. memory imcompatibility – it seems that the Asus M2N series is quite picky about the memory being use.I purposely bought my 1GB RAM in 2 x 512MB because i wanted to try out dual channel mode but I was so depressed after i found out that the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) popped up during the winxp installation. Only after i install the RAM in single channel mode then can I complete the windows installation.

The funny thing was, after the installation I could run winxp in dual channel mode. I’ve even tried flashing the BIOS to the latest revision, but it was even worse, the comp will goto BSOD halfway loading winxp. guess i’ll stick with my old BIOS and dual channel configuration.

other than that, i’m glad that my new PC is performing as expected. Picasa, photoshop, acdsee all loaded faster than before. The idle temperature is around 35C with amd cool and quiet, the highest temperature recorded while running prime95 was around 65C. Without a 3D graphic card, most new games could hardly run, which doesn’t bother me that much.

i’ve also installed an additional fan on the 6150 chipset heatsink ,12CM fan at the back of the PC and a 8cm fan to suck air in for the microprocessor.

3rd update on power supply

Posted by yihzy on Aug 25th, 2006
Aug 25

finally, i’ve managed to find the reason for my high CPU temperature. The answer, too much thermal compound on the CPU die. It seems when i took out my heatsink fan for cleaning last time, i have applied too much thermal compound on the processor and this resulted in an uneven surface between the die and the heat sink. I thoroughly clean the heat sink and apply less thermal compound than the last round. now the CPU temperature has been stabilised and able to run Prime95 at around 61C. Guess this proves that my power supply is not the major factor in the high temperature of the CPU

updates on my power supply

Posted by yihzy on Aug 17th, 2006
Aug 17

after i swapped my spoilt power supply from an old power supply from the Pentium 3 era, the cpu gets hot easily. last time when i was running cpu intensive apps like editing photo, watching video or playing games, the temperature would hover around 54-57 C with 59C as a limit that i set in motherboard monitor. but now, the highest temperature that i recorded using the new power supply is around 65C – 70C !!

i’ve even tried changing the old power supply casing with the spoilt casing which has a dual fan configuration as opppose to the former single fan design. the spoilt p4 power supply is labelled as a 350W while the p3 power supply is only rated at 250W. maybe i really need to get a P4 power supply to cope with my PC power load.

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