Posted by yihzy on Sep 30th, 2007
Sep 30

Sungai Wang plaza management held a fashion show in conjuction with their 30th anniversary deemly titled “Sungai Wang Runway 30 fashion show

sungai wang runway 30
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Long belated Merdeka 07 photos

taken on the merdeka eve, too bad this year the main fireworks was late after midnight and i miss it.


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Some photos taken at the KL Photography Fair 07. This year the venue was change to Berjaya times square instead of the usual Selangor Chinese Hall


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2nd take on Futsal

Posted by yihzy on Jul 16th, 2007
Jul 16

My 2nd try to capture photos for futsal events, using only 50mm F1.8 and 70-200 F4 for the event.
After this experience I felt having a fast lens is really useful in capturing all the action. Wishing to get a F2.8 tele soon, if my stocks do well, hehe

1. player juggling the ball
juggling ball

2. futsal panning
futsal panning

3. Candid of a goal shot, it looks as if player 14, kick the butt of the guy in red shirt
candid shot

Pictures of my recent Hong Kong trip

Posted by yihzy on Apr 23rd, 2007
Apr 23

This is the view from the peak overlooking the skyscrapers in Hong Kong island
the peak

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Canon Warehouse Sale

Posted by yihzy on Dec 16th, 2006
Dec 16

This was the scene at the Canon Warehouse sale in Canon HQ at Peremba Square. I was there at 9:45 and already there was a long queue. The queue was for those who wanted the 3 bargain items, with the rm 1 calculator being the most attractive, the other two were printer.



Most of the item on sale were Powershots A series camera and Ixus. There were also some printers and some outdated accesories.

By the time i reach the booths, there was already no queue for the people to buy the calculator and everyone was holding rm 1 bill and just jostling to get in to buy. Those who already bought have to fought their way out of the crowd. It was just a mess.

The sale was held outdoor and the canopy only cover the canon dealers with nothing covering the customers. If it were to rain it would be even more havoc.

Fashion Show @ Sg Wang, Passion 06

Posted by yihzy on Nov 14th, 2006
Nov 14

After months of scouring the net and forums for quality 2nd hand lenses, I’ve bought my first L lens, 70-200 F4L. Just nice, last weekend was the KL Fashion Week, so here are some test shots done using my new lens. Although the lens was half the weight of it’s F2.8 brother , my hands felt a bit numb and tired after the show.

70-200 F4L-2 70-200 F4

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Shooting fireworks on Merdeka Eve

Posted by yihzy on Sep 3rd, 2006
Sep 3

Here are some of my failed attempt to capture the fireworks along Jln Tun Razak. The side of the highway was actually filled with cars parked on the emergency lane. I reached there around 11:45 and had to park my car almost at the end of the TUDM runway to find a decent parking.
car along highway

Even though i carried with me a sturdy tripod, there was still handshake in the photos. This means that i must try to use mirror lockup mode / timer / remote shooting method next time.


klcc fireworks

Finally Canon Strikes back, the new Canon EOS-400D

Posted by yihzy on Aug 25th, 2006
Aug 25

After the onslaught by nikon with their D80, Canon finally launch their retaliation. The replacement of the 350d came in the form of Canon EOS-400D. Some of the interesting feature are:

  • 10.2 MP CMOS sensor (APS-C size, 1.6x crop factor)
    Integrated Cleaning System – (ala olympus style high frequency dust cleaner for the CCD)
  • 2.5″ LCD display (no 2nd LCD info display) with proximity sensor to disable the LCD display when focusing using viewfinder. this is inline with other new DSLR like olympus e-500 / Konica minolta Dynax 5D and also Sony Alpha 100 which only has a single LCD display
  • 9 Area AF point (ala 30D style)
  • Picture Style (available on 30D also)
  • 3 FPS Continuous shooting buffer up to 27 JPEG and 10 RAW images
  • pictures courtesy of DPreview
    eos 400d Front

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