Canon Warehouse Sale

Posted by yihzy on Dec 16th, 2006
Dec 16

This was the scene at the Canon Warehouse sale in Canon HQ at Peremba Square. I was there at 9:45 and already there was a long queue. The queue was for those who wanted the 3 bargain items, with the rm 1 calculator being the most attractive, the other two were printer.



Most of the item on sale were Powershots A series camera and Ixus. There were also some printers and some outdated accesories.

By the time i reach the booths, there was already no queue for the people to buy the calculator and everyone was holding rm 1 bill and just jostling to get in to buy. Those who already bought have to fought their way out of the crowd. It was just a mess.

The sale was held outdoor and the canopy only cover the canon dealers with nothing covering the customers. If it were to rain it would be even more havoc.

Asimo Fell down during Demonstration

Posted by yihzy on Dec 15th, 2006
Dec 15

This link was found in one of the mails my friends forwarded me

Lucky it didn’t happened in M’sia , wonder how will the organisers react.