Saw the chicks, at last!

Posted by yihzy on Mar 24th, 2009
Mar 24

when i went out to check out the bird nest today, i was suprised to see that both the chicks were on the ground today, so i took the opportunity to take some photo of it.

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After that i put it back to their nest. The parents were frantically chirping and flying around look for the chicks. Just found out that the name for this type of bird is call Olive back Sunbird. That is the papa bird shown below.

olive back sunbird

Sunburst KL 2009

Posted by yihzy on Mar 23rd, 2009
Mar 23

It rocks. period.


more here, pictures and videos taken with a Canon S5IS, PnS. thanks to my colleague PS who’s kind enough to borrow me for the night. The IS and the movie function is really useful.

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Meet the parents

Posted by yihzy on Mar 19th, 2009
Mar 19

Manage to snap a photo of the pair of birds, i dunno what is their species but they are yellow in color with one having a blue throat.


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Bird outside my house

Posted by yihzy on Mar 12th, 2009
Mar 12

A pair of small bird just made a nest on the light bulb outside my house. Oh! i can’t await to see their eggs hatching. See more here