KL Photo Fest 2006

Posted by yihzy on Aug 5th, 2006
Aug 5

went to the KL photo fest today, loads of people but tons of stuffs to toy around.

canon was very generous with their booth this round, stuffs that were on demo were 85mm F1.2 Mark II , EF-S 17-55 F2.8 IS USM and other camera and lenses. below is a sample of the sharpness of the 85mm F1.2

i also tested the sony alpha 100. the weight of the camera with the kit lens is very light and is almost the same weight as the 350D. the camera automatically pre-focus when it detects the user is looking into the viewfinder via the sensors at the eye piece. having the Super steady shot aka anti shake on the CCD is pretty neat. some of the test shots of the kits lens at iso 800 and 1600 are shown below. some of the photo may appear underexpose probably due to the metering mode being set to centre weighted metering

too bad i couldn’t get a nice spot to shoot at the model shootout, most shots were either block by somebody’s head or spoilt by my own hand shake. this particular model is the prettiest of the lot during that session

model shootout

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