updates on my power supply

Posted by yihzy on Aug 17th, 2006
Aug 17

after i swapped my spoilt power supply from an old power supply from the Pentium 3 era, the cpu gets hot easily. last time when i was running cpu intensive apps like editing photo, watching video or playing games, the temperature would hover around 54-57 C with 59C as a limit that i set in motherboard monitor. but now, the highest temperature that i recorded using the new power supply is around 65C – 70C !!

i’ve even tried changing the old power supply casing with the spoilt casing which has a dual fan configuration as opppose to the former single fan design. the spoilt p4 power supply is labelled as a 350W while the p3 power supply is only rated at 250W. maybe i really need to get a P4 power supply to cope with my PC power load.

read the previous about my power supply here.

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