Dead Fries

Posted by yihzy on Feb 2nd, 2007
Feb 2

this is a grief reminder, take caution when using epsom salt on your discus fries, or they’ll end up dead like mine.

my story happened last week, when I was changing water for both my adult discus tank and the tank with the fries. Normally after I change water on my adult tank, i’ll dose one or two spoonful of epsom salt, but dunno why on that day, I ithcy backside and go put one spoon of epsom salt on my discus fry tank. I went about doing my daily chores and one hour later all my fries were laying dead at the bottom of the tank. argh….

here are some pictures. btw, my tank contains fries from two separate batch and are only about one month old.

1.this is the mother of the first batch
mother 1st batch

2. the second batch parent. Same male fish as the first batch different female
2nd batch

3. another picture of the 2nd batch.
2nd batch

4.dead fries
mother 1st batch

now i’m into rearing this type of crayfish anyone want some fries, hehe

crayfish fries
crayfish fries

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